Thursday, February 27, 2020

A review of an article (Carr) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A review of an article (Carr) - Essay Example The chief information officers have the role of ensuring that the senior managements are equipped with ideas that can leverage IT investments so that they can be different from other businesses and have advantage over the others. Commoditization of IT has the hallmark of infrastructural technology. It is based on the fact that it is a transport mechanism that is concerned with digital information. Like in the case of railroads how it carries goods and power grids carry electricity. IT has been used as a medium that is used to carry digital information and thus increasing interconnectivity and interoperability with other users. Through sharing of information in local area networks, ethernet or to internet individuals are connected. The use of technology in the business brings greater homogenization and well functionality (Nicholas, 2003). In the business when IT is encourage, it implies that transparency and accountability is attained in the organization. Additionally, IT has made businesses to perform their daily routines in a faster way. Manual work that used to be done by entire staff is being done by one employee who is accurate and hits the deadlines. Businesses are engaging in software related issues that help to generate inventory stock. For example, one does not need to write an application using word processing since there is chain management that is ready –made and sold at affordable cost. Most business activities have to use software that has generic applications. They consider generic applications due to cost and interoperability. Internet accelerates commoditization of IT since it helps businesses to have the opportunity to deliver generic applications. The third parties retailers provide the software’s to the companies just like how power is distributed to the consumers. The major vendors of the software’s , like Microsoft, IBM try to position

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